A coroplast is a lightweight,  transportable, waterproof and an extremely durable solution! This anti-rust, opaque and reusable 4mm thick product is ideal to advertise products, services, prices, slogans, houses for sale and apartments for rent! Its foamcore makes it easy to clean! Get it to last longer: We can laminate it to ensure it is protected from UV radiations!

Dimensions of coroplast

1 (Quantity)

5 (Quantity)

10 (Quantity)

2 ft x 3 ft (large format) 55$ /each 30$ /each 25$ /each
3 ft x 4 ft (large format) 75$ /each 50$ /each 38$ /each
2 ft x 4 ft (large format) 65$ /each 40$ /each 29$ /each


For the price of other formats and/or quantities, contact us here.